Carcass Collector Program

Carcass Collector Program

ReNew the New Committee to initiate Carcass Collector Program. In an effort to give sportsmen a location to properly dispose of deer carcasses, the ReNew the New Committee has initiated the Carcass Collector Program. Every year hundreds of deer carcasses end up along our roadsides and the banks of the river, primarily because many people simply have nowhere to take them. To solve this problem, there has been a dumpster placed at Pembroke Stop and Save that will be accessible twenty-four hours per day, throughout the hunting season. The location was provided at no cost, by one the Renew’s volunteers and store owner, Mike Bostic.

The dumpster itself bears the programs logo designed by Alisa Moody with Wild Country Studios, also one of the committee’s volunteers. The Giles County Public Service Authority plans to empty the dumpster several times per week. While this is currently the only location the service is offered, if successful, there are plans to expand the program next year.

Sgt. Charlie Mullins, a Conservation Police Officer with the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries stated that the program was designed by sportsmen, for sportsmen, and he believes it will address a growing problem. Mullins also states they plan to ask for increased fines and/or jail time for violators who are caught illegally dumping carcasses; with the extra effort the county has made there is simply no explanation for improperly disposing of these carcasses.

ReNew The New is a volunteer organization made up of Giles Conservation, Law and County officials; outfitters, and citizens committed to stewardship of the 37 miles of the New River flowing through Giles County. ReNew sponsors two annual river clean-ups and welcomes anyone interested in protecting and renewing the beautiful New River. For more informations, please call 540-921-2525.


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